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Summer is here.

Summer started last Sunday and it really do feel like summer with the humidity of 30 C. Such a crazy weather, you don't know what to wear anymore, Sunday was 27 C but on Saturday it was 17 C and raining the whole day, that's why a lot of people are sick right now due to this sudden change of temperature.  I hope this summer won't be too hot and humid hate this kind of weather make you feel so sticky. I prefer winter don't mind the cold and snow (only thing I hate is shoveling the snow). That's life you can not have everything you like.


I am grateful for all the people that have sub this show and share them. Lately I have been watching ANS and I really enjoy them a lot with all their craziness, makes my life less stressful after a busy day at work. I have only watched up to ep 20  and my favorite so far will be the ep 13, specially the potty training makes me laugh a lot. I feel that of all the Arashi member Ohno is the funniest, the things he is willing to do for the show, never expect this from him because he look so serious very quiet . A true leader, that's why even though Jun is my favorite of the Arashi, I'm getting to like him more and more. 

Jun And Mao

I miss the interaction between Jun and Mao and I have been re-watching all the Hana Yori Dango series from 1 to final, specially all the tv appearances of both of them. I wish they will have another drama series I like to watch them together again. Somehow never got tired to watching them together. Now that Mao will have a SP with NIno, I hope she will at least guest in one of the tv show.

Lousy Weather

It's already spring, but today it feels like winter again. The whole day we have wet snow and we are going to have 5cm of snow tonight, I hope this will be the last snow for this spring since I have already change my winter tire. Anyway at least it's not that cold today compare to last Friday and Saturday just the weather is gloomy.

Vs Arashi

I have start watching VS Arashi, and I like the falling pipe parts the best. Too bad I don't understand what they are saying since most of the ep I don't have sub. But I do have some with sub (thanks to all those nice folks that sub them) I was able to enjoy them a lot and I love all the tricks they did to distract the opponent.

New member in the family

My niece is giving birth today, everybody is so excited specially my parents since this will  be the first great grand son. I can't wait to see whom he will look like.

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